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Journalists ask me all the time, ‘Akshay, do you believe in the numbers game?’ My standard response: ‘I can’t count, that’s why I have producers and accountants who calculate for me. As long as I have them in my life, I don’t need to worry about numbers!’


I do not stick to rules when cooking. I rely on my imagination.


I always check my harness before I do a stunt; I test-drive the cars I have to race or explode; I’m present at all pyrotechnical rehearsals, and I walk through everything step-by-step. No man should put their life in someone else’s hands unless they have covered their own safety from all angles.


On every birthday, I ask my wife, ‘What would you like this year?’ and her instant reply is, ‘Diamonds! Diamonds! Diamonds!’ I’m always living in hope that one day she’ll say she just wants me!


Work is work, but family is for life. That’s what really matters to me.


When you taste super-success after tasting super-failure, there is huge relief.


I savour the adulation and love I have been getting from my fans and the blessings of elders in my family. Fourteen years have given me a lot and I can’t thank God and the industry enough.


I once told someone I could act. They totally bought it. I’ve been getting away with it ever since.


I’d never do a film that would hurt anyone’s sentiments, be it Indian or not.


My dad was a Punjabi from Amritsar, and my mom is a Punjabi from Kashmir. My dad was a soldier in the Indian Army.


My love for sports will never die. I love martial arts and I want to promote it in whichever way I can. I am a fighter first, then an actor.


The day I take either my body or my work for granted will be the day you hear that I’ve smashed every inch of myself to pieces.


I like working with south Indian directors because they are very disciplined. They visualize their entire story and screenplay in their heads even before they start shooting, which I respect. They finish their work on time. Being a disciplinarian myself, this suits my style.


There’s absolutely nothing irrational about me; insane, yes, irrational, no. But my dumbest fear would be spinning in the magic teacups. Who the hell wants to pay to spin around like a bent yoyo for laughs?


I’m glad that I’m being acclaimed as an actor. Today, when my hard work has paid off I can chill out about it.


It’s my goal to make martial arts compulsory for girls in school. In China, you have to do two years of martial arts’ training without which you cannot get a graduation degree.


I’m not hungry for success. I am only hungry for good work, and that is how it is with most superstars. Every day I tell myself how fortunate I am to be where I am.


I’m a realist. Where I come from, ‘phenomenon’ don’t exist. I’m from a land where people make mistakes and try again, harder, faster; where negativity is not an option.


It drives me nuts how I rely on my wife for everything. I can’t imagine a day without her!


If you are in Bangkok, you will find that people there will never speak to you without joining their hands. It’s not that they are speaking to you like that because you are tourists. They even speak at their home like that.


I have finally become a husband and I am genuinely enjoying every moment of it.


I joined Khalsa College just opposite Don Bosco in class XI, but soon I quit studies and was sent to Bangkok by my father to learn martial arts, as that is the only place we could afford given that I would also work there to support my training.


Always think twice before you decide to do anything for a film. It may seem like a career-changing idea but think of your family and your future before doing anything risky. Train properly, because looking strong and being strong are two different things.


I have a great time cooking and eating Thai green chicken curry.


Youth is a lifestyle; it’s not a blessing from God. If we treat our bodies as if they are not the most precious things we possess, then obviously we will show wear and tear. We’re like a good pair of jeans. If we take care of them, they’ll remain classic forever, but if we batter and abuse them they’ll look like tattered old rags.


It takes two hands to clap! I cannot be solely blamed for what happened in my relationships! If things soured, it happened because of both parties. Not just me!




Author Profession: Actor
Nationality: Indian
Born: September 9, 1967

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