20 Reasons Why I Love You

1. I love you

because you are weird.


2. I love you

Because your company makes me feel happy.


3. I love you

Because you make me smile  when nobody else can.


4. I love you

Because you love and accept the real me.


5. I love you 

because I love the sense of security that

I feel  When I hold your Hand.


6. I love you

because In your, I have found the love of my life

and closest truest friend.


7. I love you

because you make me control

my anger.


8. I love you

because you are a



9. I love you

because you always speak truth to me

even if this costs you a lot.


10. I love you

because the way you show that

you love me is so different.


11. I love you

because you trying to mold yourself

in a positie manner and I really appreciate it

thought I don’t express it.



12. I love you

because you are creative in

Every way.


13. I love you

because of your caring and

loving nature.


14. I love you

because of your ‘ BESURI’

singing which makes my mood.


15. I love you

because Your silly jokes which you crack just

to make my mood.


16. I love you

because of Your desire to make work harder

and achieve dreams and goals.

I Know you will Seen acheive them all.


17. I love you

because you are



18. I love you

because of Your good morning and good night wishes

which is best to start and end my day.


19. I love you

because of your mistakes and the way

you try to cover up the and foolishly.


20. I love you

because your way to convince me

when I am angry because of you.

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